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A story of freshness

Image by John Cameron
Image by Kevin Martin Jose


We grow each of our olive trees, located in the heart of Kozak Plateau, one of the high peaks of Ayvalık district, stretching from the blue of the sea to the green of olives, with the techniques that have become traditional for us, in the organic craft style, with years of experience, by our family.


Our adventure, which is known locally and continues in Ayvalık and its environs for half a century, continues in 2020, as grandchildren, to establish the H'olly Ayvalık brand by crowning the unique aroma of Ayvalık olive oil and the experience of many years with the new generation modern technology, thanks to the wind that brings the abundant oxygen from the Kaz Mountains to the fertile lands. We decided.


In Ayvalık, which is famous as the region that produces the highest quality olive oil in Turkey, as the H'olly Ayvalık family, we take care to ensure that our olive groves continue their normal growth and organic production. We carry out the maintenance phase of our olive trees with innovative and sustainable agricultural techniques, control every stage of production, harvest the olive fruits at the most appropriate time and deliver them to the mill under transparent hygienic conditions. To obtain the most natural extra virgin olive oil possible, we cold press it several hours after harvest.


In this adventure that we started as a boutique, we offer you only products that are natural, rich in health improvement and minimally processed, while we are constantly improving our production stages in a constantly changing world and doing it with sustainable stages. Being aware of the problem of climate change and working every day to minimize the environmental impact and reduce waste as much as we can, as the H'olly Ayvalık family, we will continue to work every day to bring excellent quality organic extra virgin olive oil to the tables of food lovers.


Cultivating, producing and bottling pure extra virgin olive oil and other organic foods with high nutritional value produced using sustainable farming techniques from our olive groves.


We are honored to work to improve the quality of life of our humanity by preserving our nature, which is our most valuable asset from past to present, and transferring our olive oil, which we produce with sustainable and healthy techniques, to today and the next generation consumers.

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